"Invisible Majority is an amazing organization. Mia has connected me to many artists and opportunities in Baltimore. She got me my first show at the Creative Alliance, as well as connected me with some cool artists and partners through the Red Bull Amaphiko festival. Invisible Majority is definitely necessary for Baltimore's artists to have the proper resources. If ya'll need consultation for any creative endeavor, that's where ya'll go. -Jeremy Collins, Filmmaker & Musician

“IM offers an excellent collaborative environment for artists. I'M has provided me with opportunities to perform and showcase my Talent. They offer connections with the top artists and venues in the city. IM includes high quality music production and promotions. IM generously offers services that can cost hundreds of dollars for a low price. I'M provides a foundation for Artist to build on.” - Nyoka Ny-D, Recording Artist, Producer


“IM provided me with easier more affordable access to Artscape. While the Artist's Market portion of Artscape provides great exposure and networking it is very expensive to participate. The IM booth allowed for the same exposure and a drastically lower cost to participate. In addition it was much less labor intensive as IM provided booth support so I did not always need to be present. I made a good profit and sold a piece of artwork!” - Clare Elliot, Multimedia Artist


PangeaFest was an awesome experience! Felt safe, and Invisible Majority accommodated me in a very awesome way. Also, the co working sessions helped give me the boost I needed each and every time. Thanx so much!

-- Sarah Juanita, Visual Artist, Jewelry Maker, Model


“Invisible Majority has been beneficial to me in many ways. This space has been used to interact with other artists and likeminded people as well as providing a space to practice a craft. From booking the space for rehearsal to stopping by for a brunch event, there's always something positive going on and there's always an opportunity to get involved. I was fortunate enough to have participated with the 1st annual Pangea Fest, which was my crash course in festival planning/support. The experience was nothing short of creative, inspiring and informative. Thanks for accepting me, my ideas and the artists who introduced us. Looking forward to the next chapter.” - Britney Jackson


“I was connected to some really dope artists through AV Cart and Pangea Fest. I had the opportunity to create and share my Oddflower project and love of multimedia production with new people within the Baltimore community.” Andrea Boston, Zinemaker and Producer