Creating Your Own Lane: A Creative Roadmap for Black Creative Entrepreneurs

Magic. You cannot buy your way into this and you cannot be bullied out of it. 
Cultivating a direct relationship with the universe. 
Using your personal and ancestral momentum
Within institutions, despite institutions. Get er done.

For The Culture
Weaponizing your culture and magic and hard work 
Weaponizing our culture for our benefit 
Using originality as a weapon and stubbornness as a tool.

Translation: everything in your life/that you are going through is a tool. There are no such things as enemies or obstacles. 
Solving problems can create competencies 

Don’t flock. Align. Aligning yourself with the energy of what is, so the universe itself is team (being purpose driven) 
Being fearless in your purpose

Not being afraid to not know what to do
If your marketing budget is small then you are not like McDonald’s and like 99% of us out here but yet you are who McD wishes they could be or use
what should you do?

Study your craft and environment and the cycles. You are always in the middle of a cycle and you are never the first. Knowing this will help you build momentum and spend less time in the parts of the cycle you can't avoid but want to spend less time in.

Bring all of Who You Are to a new endeavor

Think Big. NO, BIGGER!

Creating Your Own Lane e-Workbook

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